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French 1 Basic

French 1 Basic

€ 89,00

Bewährte Methode - Neues Lernsystem!

Sämtliche Produkte auf kaufen Sie jetzt für die Marke Linguajet. Bei Ihrer Bestellung erhalten Sie eine Seriennummer, mit der Sie Ihren Kurs einmalig aktivieren und dann unbegrenzt mit der Linguajet App für Web-Browser und Smartphone verwenden können. MEHR ZU LINGUAJET.

Do you want to learn French on the computer? Then our computer language course for PC and Mac is the right choice! It works like this:

On your screen you see the foreign language in the upper line and the decoded text (word-by-word translation) in the lower line. You listen to the foreign language (spoken by a native speaker) and at the same time you read the decoded text. The words are highlighted and synchronized with the text spoken by the native speaker – just like in a karaoke player. 

French brain-friendly

It is commonly known that French people appreciate it a lot if you can speak their language. If you want to be warmly welcomed in the city of love, on the Côte d’Azur or in the region of Brittany, the Birkenbihl approach is right for you! Shortly you will be able to communicate in this melodic language, impressing the people in France, Belgium, Luxemburg or Canada. 



Greeting and introduction, the use of polite form to address somebody, differences between various languages and cultures, meaning and association of concrete words, prejudices and their influence on language, linguistic misunderstandings, relations and role models


The product includes:

  • Language learning software
  • Textfiles to print out
  • Exercises to print out
  • User's guide
  • Serial number 




Total words: 5,141 | Unique words: 1,244 | Audio length: 40 min | CEFR-Level A1/A2

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